There’s A New Coach in Town

A few years ago while living in IL, I lost many inches and gained many friends through this thing you may have heard of called CrossFit.  I loved it – it hurt so good!

When we moved back to the east coast in March 2014, I simply stopped making the time for my workouts. I made excuses,  but didn’t make time. I started eating like crap again after almost 2 years of clean eating. Between the lack of exercise and my menage a toi with Ben and Jerry, I had gained nearly 10-pounds and couldn’t fit into any of my clothes.

Last week, I decided I have had enough. My reality – I wasn’t finding time for the gym, so the gym would need to come to me. I had heard great things about the 21 Day Fix through Beach Body, so I ordered it.

Last Monday I started getting up at 5:30a every day to workout. My reality – I can barely make it 9p, so mornings it must be or it just isn’t going to happen. I have come to realize that I relish in this time to myself. I cannot put enough emphasis on how much I LOVE this time to myself. I never have time to myself. I can even tolerate the painful workouts and the non-stop talking of Autumn to have this time to focus on me. (Actually, Autumn doesn’t really bother me).

This is my recap of today’s workout:

Day 5 workout complete. I had a partner this morning. She took the non-stop talking to a new level, used me as an obstacle course and blocked the screen the whole time.

Due to my “mini-coach,” this workout was by far the WORST! But, as Dana posted a few weeks ago, “my reason, not my excuse.”

Wish me luck tomorrow.


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