TedMed 2015

Last month, my boss went to TedMed. A few years ago, I hadn’t heard of TedMed and yet, I was glued to the TV watching the live stream of presenters.

WOW – the innovation in health care is promising! The resounding message I hear from the speakers is one of courage and entrepreneurial spirit. Don’t be afraid to fail. Look fear in the eyes and stare it down. Work together to create goodness. Respect the rules, but challenge conventional thinking. I was in AWE of the speakers.

I long for the day when diseases such as ADHD, Autism, rheumatoid arthritis (RA) and cancer cease to exist. But, until then, the concepts of bio-electrical stimulation to replace medicine and neurotransmitters to control disease are AMAZING! This sounds like I am describing some SciFi movie, but these innovations are being worked on today by incredible individuals.

We won’t read about them in Sports Illustrated making $100M over 5 years. These are not actors or actresses making $15M per movie. These devoted scientists and doctors, professors and innovators, scramble to receive grants and funding to conduct research to bring these innovations to us. These are the people who are saving the lives of our mothers and fathers, sisters and brothers, family and friends. These are the women and men who will save our lives.

Not to discredit the contributions athletes make on and off the field and actors/actresses make on and off the screen, but when will we start putting money on the value of life versus the value of entertainment?


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