Back on the Horse

I am not one for New Year’s resolutions. When I used to make them, I don’t think they ever lasted more than a month, so I just stopped making them. The reality is “to be happy and healthy” is my ongoing, never-ending resolution.

In November, I realized I was miserable and unhealthy, so in December I began the #21DayFix. I wanted to feel better. I wanted to feel accountable. I wanted to feel in control. We were flying to St. Louis with the kids for Christmas to visit Dan’s family and my cousin who had recently moved there, and I knew nothing would be in my control there.

I also wanted to be a lightweight. Yes, you read the correctly — a lightweight with junk food and alcohol. I wanted to feel “comfortably numb” after of 1 adult beverage (each day). I wanted to feel the “chocolate high” from 1 good dessert (each day). I figured if I deprived myself of these items for 21 days, I was sure to succeed in my mission.

Nope. I binged on junk food and alcohol ALL DAY, EVERY DAY. I was like a kid on Christmas morning – ripping off wrapping from one item to the next and flipping one bottle cap off after another (no, wait, kids don’t do bottles with caps).

Then, it returned. . . the feeling I had prior to December. The bloating, the nausea, the guilt and worse than anything else, the blinding migraine that caused me to puke at my cousin’s house. (Yep, Happy Chrismakah to you and welcome to your new home – here’s your vomit).

Upon returning to PA, I took on a renovation project (Renovation Reality post coming soon). That allowed me to stay focused and get back on track, kinda. It at least gave me something else to focus on rather than junk food and #NotYourFathersRootbeer.

I came to the realization that I need someone to hold me accountable. I cannot be trusted with junk food and bottle openers, therefore I cannot count on myself right now. Being a part of a workout group, be it on-line or in-person, helped me in the past, so on Monday I jumped back on the horse that bucked me off. (Technically, not the horse in the pic since that is a Godiva horse). No looking back now.

Wish me luck and Giddy-up!


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