The Meaning Behind 11-2

I’ve said it before and I will say it again “I own this month.” Mother’s Day, followed by our anniversary, my birthday and my cancerversary. Today marks 10 years of being married to this guy. He cracks me up! When people ask, “Is this your wife?” Dan says “Well, I am legally bound to her, so yep.”IMG_2581

For those that know me, know I don’t hear well. It’s not a new thing. And, it’s not selective hearing! I do have a recent audiology report that confirms I am not ignoring you on purpose, should you want proof via a doctor’s note.

Let me take you back 10 years and the months leading up to our wedding. Being the “over-achievers” that we are, a marriage wasn’t enough to keep us busy. Of the most stressful things you can do in your lifetime, we crammed almost all of them in a 5 month span. We got engaged (Thanksgiving 2006). Dan sold his home (Dec 2006), we started new jobs in a new state (March 2007), we sold our homes in DE (April 2007), closed on a new home in IL (April 2007), and flew back to DE to get married (May 2007). I planned the entire wedding using an Excel spreadsheet. I am a true “romantic at heart” as you can tell.

11-2 evolved from an innocent misunderstanding on my part, aka my inability to hear well and refusing to walk into a room to speak. I prefer to yell from room-to-room. (Dan just loves that – note the sarcasm). Comcast had just called with an update when they were coming to install our internet. Dan yelled up to me. Knowing my soon-to-be husband so well, I thought he had done something wrong and was calling to me “I love you, too,” prepping me for whatever crazy thing he had done. And, praying my response would be “I love you.” So, rather than seek clarification as to why he was yelling this, I replied in a perplexed, loud voice from the 2nd floor, “I love you, too?” Dan was now completely confused and upon his better judgement, walked up the stairs to me to ask “why this response to Comcast coming between 11 and 2.” Thus, the beginning of our not-so-secret-anymore code words to express our love: 11-2.

Unlike past anniversaries consisting of amazing trips (Yr1 – Wine country/San Fran; Yr 3- Venice; Yr 5 – hiking at Rocky Mountain National Park), this year the only trip we can afford is a trip down memory lane. As we prepare to embark on major renovations at our home (new mudroom and kitchen), my vow to you is to do my best to listen and not yell from room-to-room. On this day, our 10-year wedding anniversary, Dan, 11-2.

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